This Tuesday, NPR aired my interview with Ari Shapiro on “All Things Considered.” He’s a fellow native Midwesterner, and I feel extremely fortunate that he’s a fan of the book.

In the last week, I’ve also been lucky enough to have insightful, excellent interviews with Bradley Sides for The Millions and with Jason Diamond for Inside Hook. Each one was a total pleasure, tackling different aspects of the book and the writing experience that no one has yet.

On Tuesday, I also had a wonderful launch party for my book tour at Lake Monster Brewery, sponsored by Valley Booksellers. Beth Dooley, Peter Geye, Lorna Landvik, and Sarah Stonich — Minnesota literary royalty, all — joined me onstage to help read excerpts. The audience included family, high school and college friends, grade school teachers, high school teachers, and folks I hadn’t met yet who were fans of my first novel. It was an emotional, unforgettable night.