It's always nice when the boss likes your work. Author, filmmaker, and founder Stephen Elliott has some kind words to say about my "Fantasy Football for Poets" series on The Rumpus:

What a great column this has been by the enormously talented J. Ryan. You don't have to like football at all to get into this. J. Ryan's one of those people, I know a number of them actually, who is really successful but wants to be a poet. Or maybe not a poet, but he's a succesful TV creative person who wants to write short stories and takes pleasure publishing in literary magazines. Alex Mar is like that. She was the editor of the Rolling Stone website, a producer at MTV, she directed a great documentary. Now she's coming out with a collection of essays from FSG which you'll probably be hearing a lot about here. I like to joke with them, Why are you demoting yourself? Of course I know why.