For one night, a pop-up entitled ‘A Picture is Worth 500 Words’, will feature seven architects and six writers who will read in a space near Hollywood. 

Conceived and produced by Martina Dolesjova, each writer received an image from a participating architect, with an assignment of interpreting it in no more than 500 words. The information of the title, artist, and any historic nature was left out on purpose in order for them to bring their own understandings to the image. With the rapidity of visual representation in today’s world, quick understandings or misunderstandings are a part of the narratives that deepen the meaning of an image. As we are all exposed to interpretation, this is to be celebrated. 

Each story will inspire the artist and audience to rethink visual context and relationships. It is a dialogue between art, space and storytelling. The w
riters include: Taleen Kali, Gabrielle Lim, Matt MacFarland, Anthony Miller, Theresa Sotto, and myself. There will also be music by John Isaac Watters.

6:30 pm on Friday, July 25th at 5544 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood. Free.